To report abuse, call your local law enforcement agency or the St. Clair County DHR hotline: 205-812-2100.

If you suspect that a child has been a victim of abuse, please report it. Call any of the following numbers to report abuse. If you have an emergency call 911.

St. Clair County Department of Human Resources 205-812-2100

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office/ Pell City 205-884-6840

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office/ Ashville 205-594-2140

Local Police Departments                

Ashville 205-594-4151

Leeds 205-699-2581

Margaret 205-629-5501

Moody 205-640-5121

Odenville 205-629-6366

Pell City 205-884-3334

Ragland 205-472-2151

Riverside 205-338-7692

Springville 205-467-2701

Steele 256-538-8145