To report abuse, call your local law enforcement agency or the St. Clair County DHR hotline: 205-812-2100.

Child Advocacy Centers

Children Advocacy Centers have one specific purpose, to help children who have been abused. They are community-based, child-friendly, and trauma-informed organizations that coordinate a multidisciplinary response to child maltreatment allegations. The centers are designed to reduce trauma by providing a non-threatening, safe environment where children and non-offending family members come and receive sensitive support and professional help.

The National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC) recognizes that to protect children from abuse, prevention services must address individuals, families and the community. 
As a child-focused, multidisciplinary response to child abuse, the Children’s Advocacy Center was established to prevent the re-victimization of sexually abused children by the system’s response to their cases.

additional information can be found on the National Children Advocacy website.

How Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) in the US help children who are victims of sexual abuse and neglect – Produced by the National Children Alliance